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On Sale!

ON SALE! $26.00 savings
$225.00 $199.00
Bundle Savings $50.00 savings
$450.00 $400.00
Sale $0.50/lb. savings
$2.50/lb. $2.00/lb. Avg. 25 lb.

5 pk London Broil

5 steaks avg. 1.7 lbs each
Bundle Savings $0.25/lb. savings
$9.00/lb. $8.75/lb. Avg. 6 lb.

Bone In Pork Chop Bundle

4 pkgs of chops, 2 per pkg
ON SALE! $1.50/lb. savings
$10.00/lb. $8.50/lb. Avg. 6.5 lb.

Fresh Ham

Sale $1.00/lb. savings
$8.00/lb. $7.00/lb. Avg. 11 lb.
ON SALE! $1.00/lb. savings
$9.00/lb. $8.00/lb. Avg. 5 lb.