1/4 Pasture Raised Beef

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This is a non-refundable deposit to reserve a quarter beef from our February 2020 harvest..  Your meat will be ready for your freezer in the middle of February. 

Deposits should be made ASAP!  We take orders on a first come, first served basis, reservations fill up fast, and we sell out every year.

Once we pick up your beef from the butcher, you will be billed $8/lb boxed weight of your beef minus your pre-paid deposit.  The average boxed weight (the amount of beef you take home) is 100-125 lbs. This price includes the fees from the butcher.

You'll pay the balance due for your beef, and we'll pick up your meat and deliver it to you via one of our established pickup locations in the Hudson Valley, including our Farm.  

Please email Heather@jskcattlecompany.com for more details or with any questions. 

Our pasture raised beef beef is out to pasture all the time as is supplemented with non gmo corn silage and a ground corn/molasses mix from a local mill.  We have found our customers really like our pasture raised beef and describe it more the taste of a grain fed, but the health benefits of 100% grass fed/grass finished beef. 

Here is  a general breakdown of a 1/4 beef:

40-45% ground beef (avg 1.5 lb pkgs)

6 bone in rib steaks

4-5 porterhouse (or NY Strip and Tenderloin Steaks)

top round and top sirloin london broil steaks

boneless sirloin steaks

2-3 pkgs short ribs (avg 2.5 lbs/pkg)

2-3 pkgs stew meat  (2 lb pkgs)

boneless chuck roast (2.5-3 lbs)

brisket/eye round roast/bottom round roast

2 miscellaneous steaks (skirt/flank/flat iron/chuck eye)